What Do The Symbols For Laundry Means ?


What Do The Symbols For Laundry Means ?

symbols for laundary

We all had the experience of wanting to wash a new shirt. So we have a look at its label. Then we see the clothing label is full of symptoms that we don’t know and don’t use. In this article we will introduce you to the signs of washing clothes.

The use of these strange symptoms is not without reason. But if you learn the language of these signs, you can wash them properly without damaging your clothes, whatever the language. Of course, American signs are slightly different from international ones.

But they really aren’t as confusing as they seem. The signs of this language have comprehensible logic. We know it. In this article we will introduce you to the signs of washing clothes.

Signs of washing clothes

A wash sign is one of the signs on the laundry label that resembles a bucket of water. So far so great! Sometimes there are spots in the water. These points represent the best water temperature. The higher the number of dots, the warmer the water.

One point is that you should wash your clothes at 2 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit). If your washing machine does not show the water level, set it to “cold water”;
Column means 0 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit (lukewarm);
Three points are 1 ° or 2 ° F (hot);
And so on, up to 5 points.
Another common symptom is a bucket of water with a cut-off mark on it. This means you have to wash your clothes by hand. Not to cut your hand and throw in the washing machine!

If you see a bucket of water with a cross inside it, don’t wash the clothes. You just have to dry it, that is, wash it with special chemicals instead of water.


The whitening marks are triangular shaped. There is no rational reason for choosing this shape, but the thinner the triangle, the easier it is to use bleach. Thus:

A completely empty triangle means you can use bleach at any time.
Triangle with two parallel lines means only bleach without chlorine.
Do not use bleach with a triangle inside it.


The ironing mark as another sign of washing is like an ironing. This is the only symptom that is easily diagnosed and the dots inside it indicate the ideal temperature.
One point is to iron the clothes with a low degree.
Iron out two points, namely, medium grade clothing.
Iron the clothes at three points with a high degree.
Do not iron the ironing and  means clothing.
Do not iron with the steam mark with a 2 and two vertical parallel lines at the bottom .


Washing Tips – Drying clothes

A common symptom of drying out is a circle inside a square. This sign is like laundry. Sometimes the proper setting is to dry a few lines below the dryer.

One line below the dryer, that is, you have to dry the fabric with regular settings.
The two lines below the dryer, that is, dry the fabric with fine clothing settings.
Sometimes the spots that we’ve reviewed in the wash section are here too.

Put a drier on low
Put the drier on a medium grade.
Put three dots ie the dryer on high.
Dry the mark with a solid circle that means no heat.
Dry the mark with a dry mark in the open air.
Sometimes drying in the open air is a special way.

The envelope mark means you can dry on the strap. The shape of this mark looks like the fabric you have strapped to.
The square with three horizontal lines means let the water drip. The horizontal lines indicate the water is dripping.
Spread the square with a vertical line in the middle, which means that the clothes are on a surface to dry. Its mark is like the dryer bars you see from a window. But it’s really more like a worm inside the cage!


Signs of washing clothes – Laundry

Finally we come to the laundry. Usually people who work in the laundry are familiar with these symptoms. But anyway the circle means laundry. The letters in the circle indicate the type of detergent used.

The letter A or the letter less circle means that it is okay to be of any substance.
The letter P means any substance. The letter P denotes perchloroethylene as one of the most commonly used substances.
The letter F means only petroleum based materials. The letter F is a flammable sign meaning flammable.
Do not use steam with a curved line outside it.
Do not erase the circle with the × mark.


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