What Are The Benefits Of Beard For Men ?


What Are The Benefits Of Beard For Men ?

benefits of beard

Many men are sometimes amazed at their shaving or keeping their beards and do not know which to choose. The question that arises here is whether maintaining and having a beard also has benefits or is it harmful to shave? Or that it is a matter of public taste and has nothing to do with it.  

Shields against sunlight   Studies by several research centers have shown that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be blocked by the human beard and, in fact, the beard can prevent them from reaching the skin.

They are the causes of cancer.   For this reason, by shaving the beards, this property disappears. Shaving the beards in the long run can expose a man to skin cancer.   Reduces symptoms of allergies and asthma   Men who are sensitive to different seasons and odors, pollen and dust are recommended to wear mustaches, beards and mustaches act as a filter, and before they enter the nose and mouth and sneeze allergens, The nose drops and itching.

Prevent getting sick

The beard that grows under the chin and neck raises the temperature of the neck and can prevent colds.

“Hair is an insulator to keep the body warm. “A long, thick beard prevents cold weather and increases the temperature of the neck, which is an advantage when exposed to outside air.” Facial hair acts as a physical barrier against cold weather: “The hair around the chin and neck creates a protective layer.”

More attractive with a beard!   More attractive with a beard! This is not in vain. The results of a population-based study of 1,000 men in New York found that 55% of these men had beards and believed that beards make them more attractive, and 41% believed that beard maintenance and confidence Strengthens the breath in them  


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