Wealthy Means Being Satisfied With Your Life


Wealthy Means Being Satisfied With Your Life

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Having freedom (financial freedom) is an important factor for wealth. Wealth means that you can spend your life doing what you love instead of having to work hard and make a lot of money.

Look at wealth as a wealth that means being happy with your life and living in any way that makes you happy and happy. If you look at the concept of wealth with this perspective, you will no longer have to become a millionaire to make a living of your own, and having just enough money to meet your needs will be enough. If you think that having a $ 1 annual income will make you happy, then that amount of money is enough to make you rich.

Sometimes even having more money can make it hard for you to be satisfied with your life. For example, one-third of people in the Spectrum Group survey stated that the lives of the rich are full of happiness and euphoria, but a higher percentage of nearly 1% believed that the lives of rich people were difficult. While 1% believed that more wealth would provide more support, only 2% believed that wealth would make life more enjoyable.

Some financial activities, such as earning, investing and saving money, may be part of some people’s life goals, but they will be astonished if they lose their wealth as part of their primary purpose and the reason for their life satisfaction.

Warren Buffett was one of those whose views on wealth were very different from those of others. He once stated in a magazine that the most luxurious and prosperous life is the life in which you can do the things you love most. In other words, to get rich, you have to live your own choice and not have to be a millionaire to get rich.

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