Swallowing Gum – What happens after swallowing gum ? 


Swallowing Gum – What happens after swallowing gum ? 

Do You Need To See A Doctor After Eating Chewing Gum ?

It is not recommended to swallow gum and it is best not to do so, but if you accidentally swallowed your gum, do not worry. The body cannot normally digest gum, but after swallowing it, the slit that has gone down the throat moves intact into the gastrointestinal tract; .

However, if swallowing chewing gum occurs with larger pieces (assuming swallowing several chewing gums at the same time), there is a possibility of intestinal obstruction.

Swallowing gum does not need to see a doctor. As we said, chewing gum, like other foods in the digestive tract, is excreted.

Swallowing larger pieces of chewing gum or swallowing a gum with an indigestible object is dangerous and can cause obstruction. In such cases, surgery will be required to open the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms include abdominal pain and constipation. Sometimes these symptoms are accompanied by nausea and exaggeration. If you suspect gastrointestinal tract obstruction and see such symptoms, be sure to see a specialist.

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