Ideal weight tips – What Is Your Ideal Weight ?


Ideal weight tips – What Is Your Ideal Weight ?

The desire for a perfect figure sometimes requires mathematical calculations. Especially if we are unable to calculate exactly how many extra kilograms are burdening our body. We’ll tell you how.

Ideal Weight
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Should I lose weight if BMI is normal?

A frequently used parameter for weight evaluation is BMI, Body Mass index, or otherwise called body mass index. It is an internationally recognized criterion that determines health risks related to body weight. “To maintain good health, we should try to maintain normal weight throughout our lives. If the BMI is higher than the norm, we should lose weight as soon as possible, ”explains PharmDr. Salama Habib

Underweight is as damaging as obesity

However, the ideal weight is not only related to BMI. We can also lose weight when our BMI is normal. BMI does not evaluate the proportionality of the body, the proportion of muscle and fat in the weight or quality of body tissues. Also, the difference between the BMI limits for normal weight is in the range of up to 16 kilograms.

“If we are not satisfied with our character, we want to look better and feel better, the aesthetic reasons mentioned above may be the motive for weight loss. However, no one should seek extreme weight loss to such an extent that his BMI falls below 18.5. Extremely low weight is associated with the same health risks as overweight or obesity, ”says a nutritionist.

And what weight do you have?

A simple formula can be used to calculate the BMI: BMI = weight (kg) / height (m²). A BMI below 18.5 points to an underweight. Normal weight ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. Overweight is said if the index exceeds 25. Obesity begins at index level 30.

First degree obesity is at 30-34.9. Second degree obesity 35-39.9 and third degree obesity is in the range of 40 or more. “For our purposes in weight loss programs, we have determined a BMI range by which we determine leanness. These are BMI values ​​between 18.5 and 20. These are not official values, but we use this range as a practical aid that works for us from experience, ”stresses the director of the institute.

Healthy waist circumference

If we look at ideal weight not only as aesthetics, but especially in terms of health, an important indicator is the waist circumference. “If you are a woman and your waist is wider than 80 cm, this means that you have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and you must definitely start doing something with weight, so you need to start losing weight. If you are a man, the same applies for a belt width of 94 cm.

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