Does male infidelity have a biological root?


Does male infidelity have a biological root?

male infidelity
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Although women accept separation from a traitorous husband , they still seek the cause of their husband’s infidelity. We are taught in childhood that adults do something when they fall in love. But if we call it love, then animals are in love! Even the path of the wise man has evolved more into polygamy than into romantic and monogamous marriage.

Dr. Louanne Cole Weston, a marriage and family therapist and sex counselor, believes that in the human species, there is a natural desire for birth in any way. What has been human survival. This need still exists in some men. Although some succeed, many continue single-sex marriages.

But the theory of evolution can hardly be relied upon, otherwise men will still have to deal with wounds and sticks. Let’s not forget that many men have faithful lives and relationships, so there may be behavioral therapies for a part of their biological roots; for example, men may be able to quit betraying with the help of counseling.
Men’s reaction to betrayal

Most men don’t think of other solutions. When they turn their hands, they justify their behavior with triviality and excuse:

    Every man wants to have sex with other women. If they can, they all do it.
    Men have to have relationships with many women biologically. Why do I have to be different?
    If I was sexually satisfied in my own home, I would not be betrayed.
    Most men do this. Ask yourself.

    If my wife wasn’t that fat, treated me better, or reached out to me, I wouldn’t think of treason.
    If my job wasn’t so stressful, I wouldn’t go to porn sites to relieve anxiety.
    Which betrayal? Its fun and a bit of fun with the ladies in the café, which is no betrayal. This is fun for men.

    If the police were looking for real criminals, they would never arrest me with a strange woman. They should be looking for real criminals!
    I’m just messaging and having fun. What’s the harm? I never saw any of these women up close. This is just a game.

In psychology, such excuses are called “denial”. In denial, the person is convinced by his own lies and deceptions that his questioning behavior is okay. He is deceiving himself with various excuses. Every excuse leads to new lies. For a neutral third person, such as a psychoanalyst, the denial of a traitorous man is like overwhelming house slavery in the breeze. But they stubbornly insist that their reasons are reasonable.


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