Corona Virus 400 victims in china – Latest news details


Corona Virus – Latest news details

Corona Virus
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The spread of the deadly new strain of Corona Virus in China continues to increase and the number of victims is increasing.
According to Reuters, the new virus, which spread from Wuhan City to Hubei province, China, has killed 170 people and killed 7800 people (7711 of them). In China) has affected the whole world.

Although the pandemic virus’s risk and probability have not yet been determined, Chinese officials say it is also contagious in its latency period, which is estimated to last from one to 14 days.

According to official figures, 104 cases of the new coronavirus have been identified outside China so far, including 14 in Thailand, eleven in Japan, ten in Hong Kong and Singapore, eight in Taiwan, seven Five were registered in Macao, Australia and Malaysia, five in the United States and France, four in South Korea and the United Arab Emirates and Germany, two in Canada and Vietnam, and one in Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Finland.

Despite the increase in the number of deaths in China and the spread of the disease outside its borders, no casualties have been reported in foreign countries yet.

According to Reuters, the anti-corruption watchdog in China said it would severely punish officials for failing to carry out its mission to combat the outbreak.

Accordingly, the Central Disciplinary Inspection Commission issued a statement stressing that anyone who fails to implement Chinese President Shi Jinping’s instructions to fight the virus effectively will be severely punished.

The spread of this unknown type of corona virus is said to have begun in the final days of 2019 through illegal food sold at a market in Wuhan.

According to AFP, the World Health Organization (WHO) today (Thursday) is meeting to discuss a global emergency due to the rapid spread of the virus. It has now warned all governments to be on alert.

“In the past few days, the spread of the virus in some countries, and in particular human-to-human transmission, has alarmed us … even though the number of people abroad, It is relatively low in China, but has a high potential for further spread. “

At least 16 Chinese cities, including Wuhan, with a population of 50 million, are in full quarantine and banned from entry and international airlines have either cut or sharply cut their flights to major Chinese cities.

Several foreign countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the United States, are seeking to expel their citizens who are in Wuhan.

According to Reuters, the Chinese Football Association has postponed the 2020 tournament in an effort to prevent further spread of this new virus.

However, some health officials believe the new virus, as much as its other variants, is the “severe acute respiratory syndrome” (SARS) virus that killed nearly 800 people in the years 2002-2003 or the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus. (Morse), which killed more than 700 people in 2012, is not fatal.

According to AFP, Hong Kong people are also attacking pharmacies and grocery stores for fear of a further outbreak of the virus in their area, and stocks are running out.

Hong Kong trade unions, including hospital staff and the railways, threatened to strike and shut down if the region’s government did not close its borders with China.

Reuters reported further that protesters blocking the route to their quarantine facility eighty kilometers south of Seoul, protesters with the South Korean government’s decision to return 700,000 of its citizens from Wuhan city with tractors and heavy vehicles.

On that basis, South Korean President Moon Jae-In also urged the community to keep calm, saying they should not be afraid of the problem but trust the government’s actions through cooperation with health officials.

 Coronary viruses (or coronaviruses) are a general category of viruses that cause respiratory tract diseases from common cold to bronchitis and respiratory tract infection.

This new virus is still being used by organizations such as the World Health Organization or CD. An untitled thirty-one name, it has symptoms similar to pneumonia, but is more rapidly deteriorating,
transmitted through respiration and contact, making it difficult to control.

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