Azure Stones – Lapis lazuli – What Is Azure Stone ?

Azure Stones - Lapis lazuli

Azure Stones – Lapis lazuli – What Is Azure Stone ?

Lapis lazuli is a light blue rock whose chemical composition comprises natural hydrous phosphates of aluminum, iron, magnesium, and calcium; The stone is used as a jeweler in jewelry for its hardness and its light blue-azure color.

Metamorphic azure with crystalline cubic and dodecahedron crystalline systems in large to small vein-shaped dimensions, often found within a few centimeters, among marble or irregular veins in calcareous rocks. The pyrite impurities, which appear in gold or bronze veins or spots on the stone, give it a greater appearance and price.

The white spots on this azure are often calcite, which increases with the low value of the rock. Azure is also synthetically produced. The azure sample made by P. Gilson is very similar to the natural sample. Azure may also be confused with rocks such as rocks such as lasolite, sudalite, azorite, blue jasper, or domorite.

It is also called lazard and lazard, and is widely mined in Afghanistan. The ornamentation and sorting of this stone is done in Pakistan, India and partly in Afghanistan, Iran and Switzerland and then exported abroad.

Azure is the only precious stone found in marble and its mineralogical composition includes lasourite, calcite, pyrite and, to a lesser extent, diopside, amphibole, feldspar, mica and other silicates. Azure is found in veins within a marble of 3 m thick white with gray veins (this type of marble is called cipolin) and is completely associated with calcite and dolomite. Pyrite minerals are mixed with azure in large quantities. The azure garlic blue is a mineral of laurite. Azure pale blue is called Afghani.

Types of Azure stones

Nile azure, which is the best color and sex.

The azure of the sky, which contains pale blue azure.

Green azure is sometimes mistaken for turquoise.

The best color of azure blue powder is medium to dark halo with high color concentration. In its preferred type, calcite crystals are not visible and may contain golden dots. Low-value azure rocks are opaque and greenish with white calcite crystals.

Although its best color is pale blue, it can also be seen in purple, pale blue or greenish blue depending on the amount of other minerals in it.

The most oriented azure stone in the world market

Indian azure powder

Azure Chinese Powder

Persian or Afghan: Purple blue, medium to high halo, with little persistence and no calcite.

Russian or Siberian: Available in different degrees of blue in different concentrations. It contains perspiration and may also contain calcite.

Chilean: Contains green dots and contains white calcite crystals in pedigree.

The stone is often cut in two forms, spherical and flat. Apart from jewelry, this stone is also used in making decorative bowls, knife handles, statues, chess pieces and more.

Azure stone remediation methods

One of the best ways to improve the color of this azure stone is to enhance the color of the stone and hide the white calcite crystals. But using acetone or alcohol can remove its coating color. Therefore, to prevent this, sometimes the surface of the stone is covered with wax or plastic.

Improvement is common in this rock but is not very stable and the specimens have a lower value than the natural specimens.

In other ways, the unpainted azure is applied to wax or oil, which penetrates into the stone and enhances its polishing and color.

Natural Azure Stone Tips:

Azure, although unique in color and composition, is often made of fake glass and colored plastics. One way to understand the original counterfeit stone is to scratch it to find out if the top and bottom of the stone are the same. Saturated varnishes are one of the most common ways to enhance the color of azure. Increasing instability and eliminating it over time is important to know that the jewelry you buy is unused to any of these materials.

• Too much whiteness in azure stone is classified as cheap calcite grade.

• Know what you like.

When the azure stone is cut, it shows its natural radiance and beauty. Common cuts of azure stone are oval or round. Azure has a texture different from other gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds and therefore cannot be cut like other gems. Many of the ornaments made from azure are heart-shaped and home-made sculptures. Azure seeds are sometimes vertebrae in size and shape.

Azure is often used in jewelry and jewelry and is used along with other stones that seem to have spiritual power. Azure seeds are mainly used in earrings and bracelets and are circular in shape and oval cuts are common in the use of rings. Necklaces and pendants can also come in various shapes from elegant to maze-shaped, depending on the taste of different types of azure stone necklace designs.

• How much you want to spend:

Azure stone is not a precious stone compared to other stones. The price of azure stone varies depending on its fineness and cut, and the finer azure stone will have a much higher price. Another determinant of the price of azure stone jewelry is the type of metal on which the azure stone is based.

Of course, the price of white gold will be different from silver or steel and sometimes the price difference can reach millions of tomans. In general, the type and fineness of the cut, the overlap, the visible perite, and the lack of impurities such as calcite and symmetrical and round cut are likely to be more expensive. The azure rocks found in Afghanistan and Iran are more expensive than the Russian and Serbian azure rocks due to the absence of pyrite and calcite impurities and the Chile azure stone has the least value because of the large clasts.


• Understand the azure stone symbol

People believe that azure stone has healing properties and symbolizes honesty and wisdom. In many cultures, azure stone is a source of wealth, probably due to its rarity and high value in antiquity, which is usually obtained by wealthy individuals such as the Royal Azure Blue House.

Azure also promotes clear thinking and facilitates decision-making in leadership roles, and is useful for people who are interested in learning and pursuing knowledge and reinforces the will. Using azure stone also builds confidence and builds an effective relationship with other people, and it is advisable to always have azure stone sculptures at home.

• When the color of the stone you are looking for is dark gray-blue, Lapis is probably not lazy, and it is useful.

• Usually stain poor quality materials and sell as azure, in Taiwan this sample is found in many alternative azure.

• Artificial azure samples made of gold specks do not appear, but are less common in synthetic Gilson samples.

• Physically, the natural azure raft is light blue in color on the glazed porcelain surface. If you cut it in half, it smells so unpleasant (by sulfur).

• Guarantee that the seller will return the gemstone lab if the answer is negative.

• Know how to hold the stone.

Azure care is simple and easy to clean Azure stone It can be washed with warm water and a soap and remember to wash it immediately because the stone is porous and can absorb water; also for care Keep it away from other rocks because they can easily scratch one another, as well as making sure there are no chemicals on the stone as it can damage its quality and color.

Benefits of Azure Stone and Powder   Overcome insomnia, dizziness and depression   * Improves respiratory and nervous system and throat

* Thyroid adjustment Used to promote self-awareness, insight, and reason  

* As a shield against psychological attacks  Enhance understanding and intuition  

* Balance and adjust the fifth and sixth chakras      

* Very calm stone and prevent psychological attacks  

* inspiring       * increasing the self confiedence  

* Help to understand the feelings and emotions of others         

* Strengthen the immune system  

* Blood purification, lowering blood pressure      

* Cooling and relieving inflammation  

* Powerful elixir for body and spirit         

* Ancient Egyptian doctors used Sumer and Babylon Azure for many medicinal purposes, including cataracts.         

* Symbol of healing, happiness, love, loyalty, psychic powers, support, courage         

* Increases willpower  

* In ancient Iran, the Azure was a rock of proximity to the gods, possessing magical powers of gods and deities. It is useful for improving the symptoms of insomnia  

* Disinfectant and bactericidal effect


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