Autumn Garden Offers A Well-full Year


Autumn Garden Offers A Well-full Year

Tips on how to handle it for the winter

While spring is a sign of herb growing, autumn offers a rich crop on trees. Our grandmothers have dried the fruit and kept it for the winter, when it was suitable for strengthening the body and supplementing vitamins. Autumn garden is generous for fruits, so it is a shame not to use it and do not work for worse times. Drying fruit is no science, just stick to good practices and tricks.

Autumn Garden

Drying as a way of preserving food is a proven method of preserving the autumn fruit crop without losing its flavor and valuable vitamins. Moreover, it is one of the few treatments where no sugar is added to the fruit. This is good news especially for those who have to guard his body level for health reasons. When drying in fruit remains fiber, so just take a few pieces and it will be enough for the whole evening.

You may be wondering why to deal with drying at all, since nowadays dried fruit can be conveniently bought in any supermarket. In most cases, however, you will find dried fruits in the supermarket shelves, which are sweetened. In contrast to drying in the form of crustaceans, it contains a lot of refined sugar. There is no way to get your own crop, to process it and then enjoy it during long winter evenings.

What can we dry and how to do it?

Apples, pears, plums, apricots, peaches and sour cherries are mainly dried. When dried, the water content of the fruit drops by 70%, making the fruit durable and healthy. Whatever fruit is dried, we should always choose whole, healthy and sufficiently ripe fruits without mechanical damage, which contain a lot of juice. The fruit is cleaned, washed and cut into very fine slices, halves, quarters, eights as you like.

It is necessary to carry out these operations quickly so that the flesh does not turn brown in the air, or put sliced ​​pieces directly into the acidic solution – water with a few drops of lemon juice is enough. Then drying is a breeze. We can dry using an electric dryer, but an ordinary oven in the kitchen is enough.

The sliced ​​pieces of fruit are then placed on drying racks, on a baking sheet or on baking paper. It is important to set the correct temperature for drying. A temperature above 85 ° C would destroy the vitamins, smell and color of the dried fruit. It is better to start at a low temperature of about 20 ° C, then gradually add up to 70 degrees and end up at the initial low temperature.

Darts are also dried, although it is a bit more difficult to do with them. It is said that the darts must go through the frost a little to catch the right smell and taste, but it’s a myth. But the truth is that the arrows ripen long after they get a beautiful red color. They are still harvesting hard but mature.

Tips for storing and drying products offered by the autumn garden:

Dried fruit should be kept in a dry place so that it does not get wet and is dry when consumed, but at the same time flexible and flexible. Ideal for this are strong and stable bags that can be re-opened and closed without affecting what’s inside.

Fruit Dryer SFD 7000BK SENCOR

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