Agate Stone – 5 Amazing facts About Agate Stones


Agate Stone – 5 Amazing facts About Agate Stones

Agate stone has many different types, most of which we are familiar with in red or black, while agate is one of the most varied ornamental stones. Blue, brown, bulk, black, green, and red onyx are some types of onyx. Yellow agate is one of the most common types of opal among us Iranians.

Agate Stone
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The history of using ornaments and precious stones is as old as the date of human birth.

The first human beings who used colored ornaments and stones did not think to add beauty to this device. From the very beginning, after hunting animals and using their flesh and skin, the animals’ teeth, nails, and blades were kept on their necks and arms and thought to be prey to their prey and agility. Animals increase and gain more power.

An example of agate stone

These beliefs and belief in the magical and magical aspects of the ornaments were in fact personal factors and personal stimuli for the use of this Kibilachia. But that was not the only reason, and it added to the splendor. Because every hunter would not only feel strong by hanging the teeth and claws of the animals he hunted, he would also gain the respect and admiration of everyone.

Introducing Opal Gem

The agate is a microcrystalline quartz, layered in a variety of colors and textures. Named for its appearance and geographical location, there are numerous varieties of this gem. But agate patterns are very well known for use in commerce.

They include the eye-like agate, which has concentric rings, the dendritic agate, and the fire agate, which has an unusual rainbow. The most common type is the banded agate, which has a layer The Idar-Oberstein area in Germany was famous for its agate mines and its old tradition of carving on agate. They ended their work. In fact, agate has a long and high history.

More than 3,000 years ago, Egyptians used agate as a precious stone. In ancient times, agate was used as a spell and was said to be used to relieve thirst and protection. A collection of 3,000 bowls of onyx by King Mithradates of Pontus shows the longing for onyx. Collect agate bowls during the Renaissance

Europe has been popular, which is why examples can be found in many museums, including the famous Louvre.

Characteristics of gem

The chemical composition of this gem is Sio2 (silicon dioxide) and is found in different colors. This gemstone has a mouse hardness of 6.5 to 7 and its specific weight is 2.66. This gem is sensitive to heat and will crack if exposed to heat. (This property is used to diagnose it) The agate is usually shaved as a cap. Today, agate is extracted from the mines of Brazil, Uruguay, India, Australia, China, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia and Namibia.


Abrasives include carving on or on an engraving and producing small, artistic and decorative objects. The onyx background in Iran goes back to the Sumerian era. The way of working in this industry is that after cutting the stone, it is cut by a wheel and then polished and then cut to the desired design by special brushes. The onyx art center is located in Khorasan province of Mashhad

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