7 Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers & the ways to treat it


7 Symptoms Of Depression In Teenagers & the ways to treat it

Teenagers face a lot of pressure. From changes in adolescence to questions about their identity, they are all pushing them. Despite the skepticism and crisis, however, it is not always easy to distinguish between healthy adolescents who endure the pain of development and adolescents with depression. Join us, in this article we want to share some useful information about depression in teens.

Depression in adolescents is beyond the normal moods of this age group. Depression is a serious illness that affects all aspects of adolescent life. Fortunately, depression can be treated in adolescents, and parents can help their child. Your love, guidance, and companionship can help a depressed teenager overcome this illness and come back to life.

Is my teenager depressed ?

Symptoms Of Depression
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Depression in Adolescents – Diagnosis of Depression

Adolescence is a very difficult period. Depression in teens hurts them a lot more than you think. In fact, approximate statistics show that one in five teenagers is depressed at a young age.

Depression is quite treatable. But unfortunately, many teens do not receive help.

In adolescence, the moods and anger are occasionally quite natural. But depression is something completely different. The negative effects of depression on adolescents are far beyond sadness.

Depression can completely destroy a person’s personality during adolescence. It causes one to experience a sense of discomfort, hopelessness, and terrifying anger.

Many teens’ unhealthy and unhealthy behaviors can indicate depression. Adolescents may exhibit these unhealthy behaviors to endure their hidden pain .

1 . Problems at school

Depression in adolescents – problems at school

Depression causes the person to lack energy and unable to concentrate. This results in high school absenteeism, low grades, and frustration with homework. This problem is especially noticeable when the teenager was already a very good student.

2 . Escape

Many depressed teens run away or plan to run away. This is usually done to get attention.

3 . Use of drugs or alcohol

Depressed teens may use drugs and alcohol for self-treatment. Unfortunately, drugs make things worse.

4 . Low self-esteem

Depression can make teenagers feel ugly, embarrassed, frustrated, and worthless.

5 . Smartphone addiction

Depression in teens – Addiction to the phone

Teenagers may use the Internet as a way to escape problems. But excessive use of smartphones and the Internet only worsens their loneliness and exacerbates depression in adolescents.

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6 . Carelessness

Depressed teens can do dangerous things. Including careless driving, excessive alcohol drinking, and drunkenness.

7 . Violence

Sometimes boys are victims of violence at school bullying. This causes depression in adolescents. Therefore, they may resort to violence and aggression.

Depression in adolescents can lead to other psychological problems. These problems include eating disorders and self-harm.

Depression can cause a lot of pain for your teenager. This may even disrupt the lives of all family members.

There are many things you can do to help your child. The first step is to know what symptoms depression has in adolescents. You need to know what to do if you see warning signs.

What are the symptoms and symptoms of depression in adolescents?
Adults who are depressed can ask for help on their own. But teens depend on parents, teachers or other adults. Depressed teenagers must recognize her pain and help her.

It’s not always easy. Depressed teens don’t always look sad. Instead of frustration, anger and distress are the most common symptoms of depression in adolescents. Other symptoms and symptoms of depression in adolescents include:

Discomfort or frustration
Distress, anger or aggression
The constant crying
Avoid friends and family
No interest in activities
Poor performance at school
Changes in eating and eating habits
Restlessness and boredom
Feeling guilty and worthless
Lack of motivation and lack of motivation
Fatigue and lack of energy
Pain without cause
Thinking about death and suicide


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