6 Gold and Silver jewelry storing & washing tips.


6 Gold and Silver jewelry storing & washing tips.

Interesting tricks for taking care of gold and silver jewelry. The importance of jewelry is very important to women, and if you are careful, women are always looking for the right way to keep their jewelry safe. Jewelry requires everything from gold (to silver) and Failure to adhere to these principles will impair their quality and gloss.  

The first relatives who used gold in making jewelry and government coins were Iranians, and now after many years of gold in our country with the same ornamental concept is known and settled among Iranians and more interestingly you should know One of the most consumed countries in the world known for gold jewelry is Iran, although gold is a symbol of brilliance and purity, but it may get darker, scratchy and opaque over time. Loses.

If your golden jewelry has such a situation you should not be upset because there are many ways to remove and clean it just to wait for the desired result.   Washing and cleaning expensive jewelry requires a high degree of sensitivity as using certain detergents may cause serious damage to your jewelry.

In order to clean different jewelry at home, you must use materials that do not damage and maintain the gloss and appearance of the stones and shavings.  

Be careful when shopping

The first step in keeping jewelry is when you are trying to buy gold There are usually two gold models available on the market. 1- High quality gold that is high quality 2- Secondary gold that is sold for a low price. When some sellers sell lower-priced gold, know that their gold is not of good quality.  

In fact, the quality gold should have reached a grade of 900 with a grade of 18 silver. But some use copper instead of silver to make a grade 18 alloy, resulting in a gold alloy made of copper becoming darker and more opaque than gold made with silver, completely losing its previous shine. And the interesting thing about it is that both gold prices are fixed so it’s best to go to sellers who have high warranty and are reputable.

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How to power and polish all types of gold  

After several months of constant use of yellow gold, it loses its shine on the first day and gets darker and darker due to contact with the skin, so you want to bring that glow back to day one. There is no need for it and you can clean and power it at home.  

To do this, simply put the oven on a gentle heat and place a copper or steel container with some water on it and then add a little dish-washing liquid and stir and then place the gold on the bottom of the pan. Waiting for the water to boil for a while.

You will see for a short time that the excess gold and fats on the gold spontaneously disappeared after the so-called golds came out of the container. Remove the boiling water and boil it under another boiling water, as this will cause the remaining fat on the gold to completely disappear.

Done and return to the radiance of the first day. In the case of white gold, you can also return their luster to day one.  

What to do with the scratches of gold?  

Sometimes because of the poor quality of gold, with every slight contact, scratches and scratches fall on them, giving them a bad appearance, and of course, long-term use of gold also causes scratches and scratches.

The only solution to this problem is to go to the goldsmiths to take the necessary steps to polish your gold.   In these workshops, first and foremost, the gold you are looking for is paid in the form of a propeller with a wick. At this point, a layer of gold is removed from your gold to eliminate scratches, but it should be noted that this will change the weight of your gold and reduce it after plating.

The stage is not too complicated and does not require much time.   This is the only problem that you cannot do at home and you have to consult a professional to do it well. Remember, the poorer the quality of gold or the longer it is used. They are prone to scratches.  

Ways to power the original jewelry  

The combination of precious or coral stones and precious metals in gold make up the jewelry. The best way to wash and shine jewelry is to use a little bit of soap and water with a soft toothbrush.   After cleaning the jewelry you can dry it with a hair dryer or even dry it with a piece of cotton cloth.

You can start cleaning with a little water and dishwashing liquid.   Just note that sometimes, instead of using gemstones like rubies or diamonds in jewelry, glass pieces are used to decorate jewelry that is surely eaten as atomic jewelry, so since The same glass and atomic parts are less resistant to heat and heat, so it is best to wash with cold water and soap.

How to power and clean silver ring  

If you have silver jewelry or a silver ring, you can switch them on from time to time, though silver metal is less sensitive, making it easier for you to do.   When buying a silver ring, be sure to have a grade above 90% because the high grade of the silver ring will cause opacity and darkness later, keep in mind that the ring usually has a ring inside the sleeve.

They insert it.   If you have dark silver ornaments, be sure that our suggested versions are the best way to polish them.   First boil one liter of water and a teaspoon of boiling water as well as a piece of aluminum foil on a heatproof pan, then place the silver in the material for 10 seconds or more and then remove it.

Bring. If your silver is still opaque, make a quarter cup of baking soda and two tablespoons of thick paste and place on a silver sponge and then wash and dry.  

Get to know the enemy of gold shining  

Like any other metal combination, jewelry has its own enemies that you must watch out for. Because these enemies are precisely destined to destroy the appearance and luster of gold and jewels and can sometimes even completely destroy them.  

Many people believe that diluting acids such as lemon juice can be used to remove fats and stains on gold when cleaning and sparking jewelry, but they are unaware that these acids help to darken and opaque the surface of gold. They are corrosive and over time cause gold to lose its shine.  

You should know that detergents that are very strong and contain strong chemicals (Vitex) have a great role in reducing gold and if you want to introduce the number one enemy for your gold and jewelry, you will undoubtedly come in the name of liquid mercury metal That mercury brings the same gold to the cheese as it does to the cheese, so never put your jewelry in contact with this destructive substance or any mercury-based thermometer.  

Additional tips to prevent gold and jewelry from becoming opaque   If you are interested in shiny and attractive jewelry and jewelry, read the instructions we’ve given you in this section of the kabulzoom site, as caring for jewelry leads to an increased shelf life and always a special luster and glitter. Have.  

Always remember to use them when you need your jewelry, as short-term use of gold will always retain its shine and darken it later. When washing your hands and showering, be sure to bring your jewelry as it will create a thin layer on them and will gradually adhere to them.   Some people put them in a very small space to keep their jewelry in a safe place so that they are stacked together in an irregular way, causing the gold to scratch and shine.

The best way to get rid of it is to keep each jewelry in the same box as purchased.   If you’re constantly swimming and swimming, do so without jewelry because your biggest gold glitter enemy is chlorine pool water because it is also corrosive and when you enter chlorine water with gold. You help darken and oppress it.  

And another important point is to avoid cooking with your gold and jewelry, as excessive heat and oil will damage the surface of your gold and jewelry, especially the jewelry that you are looking for.



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