4 best ways on how to buy happiness with money


4 best ways on how to buy happiness with money

buy happiness with money
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“You can’t buy happiness with money, but you can definitely buy things that make you happy,” said Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Project of Happiness” on a radio program.

Michael Norton, a Harvard professor and co-author of “Happy Money: Spending Money Cleverly,” believes the problem is how to spend money;

So despite the limited resources available, the important question is how to spend our money to boost morale and happiness. Join us, here are some tips you can use to make your money happy!

Identify your values

If you want to buy tangible things, you better spend your money on things that are consistent with your values. For example, if you care about spending time with family, buying a ping pong table is a good idea to bring family members together. Or, for example, if you enjoy long runs but need an audio book to power it, it might not be a bad idea to buy a subscription service for audio files.

Spend your money on others

Instead of focusing on “what to buy” think of “for what to buy”. Spending money on others makes us happier than spending the same on ourselves. It also promotes health and has a similar effect to exercise or beta-blocking drugs, according to a study published in the journal Health Psychology.

Examples of this study after two years showed that people who spend more money have lower blood pressure! But one important point to keep in mind: Keep your circle of compassion small. Your heart will be happier and healthier if you spend your money on family and friends.

Savings will protect you

Saving is not easy, it is not happy! But having a savings is definitely a pleasure. At the same time, being in debt is a source of unrest and worry. So saving as a tool for prevention is a welcome advantage. Automatic savings tools make your job easier.

Evaluate the amount of happiness from each purchase

Lastly, before you buy or press the online shopping button, check the amount of happiness that comes from buying it. Ask yourself, “Does what I buy make me happy?” Or “Does this purchase provide me with the greatest and most joyous driving force?”

Try noting to get a reliable picture of your spending. Keep a list of your purchases for a month or more and write about the feeling of buying them one week as well as one month after purchase. This will make it easy to see which purchases are really worth it and which purchases you should not repeat.


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