10 Pearls Interesting Secrets That You Don’t Know


10 Pearls Interesting Secrets That You Don’t Know

The ignorant facts and secrets about precious pearls
Pearls have been around for thousands of years because of their unique beauty and splendor, but less is known about its therapeutic and enhancing properties. In addition to the ornamental use of these precious stones, you can also use it to benefit its healing properties.
What is a pearl and what are its features?


Pearls are translucent and shiny stones and are usually found in nature in white, wine, earth, black, blue, and yellow. Most pearls look like butter, but they can also be found in pear, button and even irregular shapes. Pearls can also be found in all sizes in nature, from a poppy seed to a pigeon’s egg, the largest pearl in the world to date, with a diameter of 5 cm and a weight of 1.2 kg.

About 90 percent of calcium carbonate and 10 percent of water and organic matter comprise the chemical composition of pearls. The degree of hardness and strength of the pearl is 2.5 to 3.5. As in section

Funky Fun We’ve said that the quality and durability of a pearl depends on its thickness and roundness. The original pearl color is bright.

How to make pearls

Cataracts develop within the bivalve molluscs like mussels. When an external body enters, the target begins to secrete substances that eventually become pearls.

These precious pearls grow naturally without human intervention. Natural pearls have become scarce in recent years due to pollution of the oceans and overfishing. Today, the number of original pearls is very scarce and most of the pearls on the market are pearl-type.

Breeding pearls

Unlike natural pearls, farmed pearls are created by human intervention in how they are raised and raised. The breeding pearl is made of only one outer layer and its core is made of hard shell. Since pearls are man-made and produced in a shorter time, they are less expensive than natural pearls.

Properties of farmed pearls are just like natural pearls and differ only in shape and appearance. Farming pearls can be distinguished by appearance.

The Benefits of Marvoride Stone in Ancient Books in Different Countries

The benefits of pearl powder are known in almost all ancient civilizations. The use of these precious stones in China, either as medicine or as an ornament, dates back to at least 320 AD, when emperors and royal persons were interested in the stone.

According to information in the Ming Dynasty medical books, this material was used to stimulate growth and improve new skin, eliminate toxins and sun damage and stains. In India, pearl powder has also been used in Ayurvedic medicines to enhance the health and overall strength of the body and is often considered a potion of love.

In medieval Europeans this substance was known for its many therapeutic properties. Germans and English in the 17th century claimed that pearls were effective in a wide range of mental and physical properties, and the renowned scientist and philosopher Francis Bacon saw them as a means of extending life.

After the 21st century, researchers tested pearl powder in a number of human and animal studies.

The healing properties of pearls in ancient and traditional medicine
Pearls are useful for treating many physical and mental illnesses. Some of the most important healing properties of pearls are:

Pearls are useful for diseases of the urinary tract and kidney and help to clear the kidney stones.

In stone therapy, pearls are used to treat diseases of the stomach, heart, liver, mania, hemorrhoids and jaundice.

Treatment for itching, pimples, boils and skin allergies

Treatment of vomiting, bad breath and headache

Endocrine regulation and reduction of genital tract inflammation in men and women

Take cataracts for urinary tract infections, mediastinal vomiting, and diarrhea, cold sores, and allergies.

To treat goiter and fatty glands, place a non-polished piece of pearl on the fifth chakra (throat).

The healing properties of having a pearl from a spiritual perspective

It brings good luck and increases the gentleness of the heart and soul.

It gives people patience and determination.

It removes sorrow.

Effective in resolving sudden mood changes, anxiety and worry

Strengthen self-esteem, self-esteem, and happiness

Like other healing stones, pearls, like sapphire, emerald, turquoise, etc., help attract positive energy and repel negative energy.

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